This is my Son Luis Aneudis Cirino III. My son was only 8 years old. In another county both my son and my daughter were abused and neglected in the mother and boyfriend's care. I the father was blocked out of my son and daughter's lives for 6 years and I get a phone call in 2020 of my son Luis Trajic loss and passing on [06/06/2020]. If you knew My son Luis was bright smart he always smiled and always full of energy. He touched many hearts with his light that god placed in him. Please show support by donating and share this campaign needs alot of attention people need to know that theres a spiritual warfare going on and we are living in wicked evil times. I'm battleing not only the loss of my child Luis but also I'm battling for child Custody of my daughter for reunification. After nearly 6 years of being blocked. God Knows my pain and tears as a father God will not fail his warriors by faith. God will shine the truth and light out of the darkness.
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  • Ashton Stevens

  • Trish Pulikandal


    We are Family! R.I.P Little Man

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Luis A Cirino Created Sep 20, 2020 Panama City Fl


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