Funds For Feed COVID19 relief

Due to the lack of revenue from tours this season, CCO is on the verge of not having enough funds to feed their horses and have them looked after. Their guided horseback business has been devastated by COVID-19 and although they have been able to make sure their staff are OK, their horses still need to eat and be looked after. CCO has 36 hungry hoofed boys that are the most expensive members of their family to feed. They have had to use all available cash to refund bookings made by guests who had pre-booked for this summer, and now find themselves scrambling to find money to provide summer pasture and winter feed for the gentle giants that provide their living.

CCO is asking for your help in feeding their 36 family members.


More About CCO Horses: Most of CCO horses come from the Lil’wat First Nation when they are about a year old. After a 3-4 year training period at CCO, they work on rides and tours for about 15 years. On average, each horse spends about 20 years with CCO before they find a retirement home for each horse. The horses are truly members of their family.

Please help these creatures we all love so much by donating what you can. For every dollar that you donate, CCO will match that amount and provide it back to you as a voucher that you can use to pay for any ride that you want to book after they open again when this is over. So, if you donate $50 you will get a credit of $100 to use on any ride you book in the future after they open for business again next summer.


CCO is so grateful to have an incredibly dedicated team and a compassionate loyal community of customers that make them genuinely feel a part of one big herd. In times like these; listen, learn and support each other.

Every dollar counts. Thank you!


We welcome you to share this GoFundMe page with your personal network as well! If you know anyone who loves horses as much as you do and would like an opportunity to help out, we greatly appreciate it.
  • Katelin

  • Abel

  • Lucio

  • Emie

  • Hillary

  • Kenyon

  • Mckayla

  • Bell

  • Reilly

  • Cade

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Created Apr 30, 2020 Pemberton, BC


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