Action for protecting every child against the crime.

"Can you spare any change"
Your coins will help to save their future, we stand as one.
Save the children Beggars from being the future problem in the country.

Child rights are mainly about the right for nutrition, shelter, health, education, recreation and a safe and healthy environment. Every stated right is violated by parents when they let their kids stay out. This letters aim is to open everyone's heart and eyes that it is not okay for these things to continue. Sometimes we encounter guardian is Force to let their child to beg for money or used it for the support of their daily needs and sometimes they are attracted to crime such us HUMAN TRAFFICKING. they are violating the childrens rights.

If children stay in the street all day,the parents allow or encourage childrens exposure to a lot of dangers and threats such as drug addiction, accidents, crimes, prostitution. And most of this examples violate their rights, lets stay together and protect them through our action.

Let's help each other" Saving their life is Saving their future"

Be one, be United for the future.
  • Eleonore

  • Edd

  • Vincenzo

  • Susanna

  • Callie

  • Reed

  • Janae

  • Ava

  • Arno

  • Natalia

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Created Apr 30, 2020 Philippines


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