Help Bring back the hope of a Paralysed Man?

Life is good, and it's not just about life but a life well lived. However, the story is in a contrasting maze of with this paralyzed man as he keeps trying as with triffles. His entire life has been a paltry loss and a total neglect by his friends and family. From one misfortune to the other, Mr Kwame Nuamah is compounded with fragmented ill-health and physical deformities and have shadowed his pursuit of happiness. Mr Kwame is in a critical spinal and joint paralysis in which he can't even move any part of his body without being aided by someone near him. The picture displayed shows the condition of Mr Kwame which is very beyond literal expounding.
Mr Kwame is in need of Accommodation, Proper Medical Care and a Wheel chair. He is in need also of Surgical treatment whereby he could dispose excrement out of his system just as he dispose urine through a tube connected within his system through his abdomen. His wife(Mrs Nuamah Achiaa) is currently lost her job (as a factoryfworker)due to her husband's situation,his son who happens to be his eldest child among 3 children is currently studying at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) and must return from school regularly to engage in some businesses to settle his educational needs as the mother engage also in helping people in their household chores like washing of clothes to raise some money for the upkeep of the family so these younger children of 8 and 13 years Don not starve.
Mr Kwame Nkrumah was a self employed individual and a hardworking gentleman who has spent all his savings to seek Proper and good health which has proven otherwise. Mr Kwame is suffering from Prostrate Cancer and Paralysis out of the weakened Spine and Joint and Constant Coughs and currently under the catering of his wife. So as a friend, with the consent of his family, wife and other loved ones are appealing to all people access the planet to help aid a brother, a friend, and a family to survive this unfortunate crisis, and also aid these little ones(financially) in their education and livelihood by contributing and aiding them in any reasonable means according to thy standards to help better their lives and bring back smile to these sad faces. I believe in Karma and that the universe is as a mirror, We refect our input, let's love and be loved. May God bless us all, Thank you.??
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mohsin Created Apr 13, 2020 Ghana


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