The Blueboys 2019 Christmas Appeal

Please share this around so other dog lovers can help too ♥️ My name is Jenny Hall and I am the owner of @the_blueboys on Instagram. We live in Melbourne Australia. We’re a family of 4, Lachlan (my husband) Myself, and our two fur babies Darren and Phillip who are more like our real babies. Over the past 5 years, we have been sharing pictures of Darren and Phillip online in hopes to show the public the true nature of Staffies and dogs like them. We’re about spreading happiness in a way that has a subtle message that these dogs are loving trustworthy animals that deserve none of the harsh judgement they often receive. We’re also incredibly passionate about helping rescue dogs, so far in 4 years our Darren and Phillip brand has successfully raised over $340,000 for rescue dogs through the sale of our yearly calendar, Darren and Phillip clothing and our last two Christmas Appeals held here on Go Fund Me. Our goal is to donate as much money as we can to ten different rescues to give them some funds to save as many dogs as they can right before Christmas. These rescues are full to the brim with dogs and many more pouring through the doors. Dogs that will be left for dead or euthanised if they don’t take them in. To be able to take more dogs in, they need to know they can pay for the vet bills that come along with them. To get these dogs in a healthy state and ready for adoption costs thousands of dollars and we want to make sure that these babies are given every chance they deserve by providing as much funding as we can. We love entertaining you guys on social media, it’s the best part about our lives. We love knowing that thanks to our videos, a lot of people are left feeling happier that day, and many have learned through watching that Staffies and pitbulls are not the monsters the media make them out to be. But besides making videos and photos to create breed awareness, we know that we can use the huge reach of our page to do great things for these dogs in need, and that’s why we do this fundraiser. ♥️ All money raised will be evenly split between Players for Pits Chicago Stafford Rescue Victoria Staffordshire Bull Terrier Rescue UK Senior Staffy Club London Bullies in Need Ontario Philly Bully Team Philadelphia Project Underdog Rescue Melbourne Qld Staffy and Amstaff Rescue I Pitty the Bull California Christchurch Bull Breed Rescue These rescues are all desperately needing help right now. They are all non for profit organisations that do fantastic work saving many animals every year. We have taken the time to get to know these groups and we know they will put every singledollar they receive to great use saving as many dogs lives as possible. As soon as the fundraiser ends, we will be taking the exact amount we have and splitting it up evenly between the ten rescues. We will post proof of PayPal transfer receipts on our social media so you can see exactly where your donation has gone. We want to give all of these rescues the best chance possible of saving as many dogs as they can right before Christmas. We would be incredibly grateful for any donations that you can spare to help dogs get out of the shelter this year and into warm and loving homes. ♥️♥️
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Created Apr 10, 2020 Melbourne, VIC


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