United to fight covid-19

As the world is in shock about the devastating effects of the outbreak of covid-19, millions or billions of people are already taking a step to find out the cause and prevention.
Nations have come up together to fight this common pandemic. Institutions, organizations, communities or individuals are working day and night to fight the outbreak. To date worldwide, we have received a very big number of deaths, infection, and fear many might get infected as well. Self isolation, staying at home, washing hands with soap and other disinfectants, boosting the immunity is the oder of the day since the treatment or vaccine is yet to be discovered. In a Ugandan context, the government through the ministry of health has set guidelines on the prevention of the virus. 1$ can give chance to a person or two to prevent further spread.
So far, we have made seats available at the local health center to help in avoiding crowding and promote isolation, we have also supplied hand washing equipment and disinfectants like sanitizers and soap to this place but this is not enough to prevent the spread of the virus. We intend to extend the service to the underprivileged community which will also benefit from this. Prevention is better than cure!
I appeal anyone out there to support the cause by sending a dollar to save the world!
Thankyou already in advance
For donations please send either via western union on 256784678474 or by bank on account 1040055000097 Osire Jackson
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Created Mar 28, 2020 Bukedea, Uganda


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