Clinic for Children with Sickle Cell Disease

Since 2006 my child has been struggling with sickle cell disease. He is 16 years old, I have been trying to my level best to ensure that his health is in good state, through my struggle to ensure that my child continues with studies I encountered that in my country (Tanzania) we don't have clinic for children with sickle cell disease. My target now is to establish a clinic for children with sickle cell disease in Tanzania. In order to manage the establsihement, huge money is needed something which I can not afford. I request you to participate in fundraising to reach the campaign goal of USD 400,000 which assures establishment of a clinic for sickle cell children in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. The clinic will be helpful in Tanzania's community. SAVE LIVES OF CHILDREN IN TANZANIA through your USD 5 of donation.
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David Eseko Bulenga

Created Jan 06, 2022 Tanzania


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