Brain tumor

My dad had a tumor removed when he was in his late 20's.He was cut from ear to ear, front of skull taken away and tumor removed. The front skull was replaced with 3 plates and 75 staples and followed it up with 2 mths of Radiotherapy.

Few years ago He was found to have osteomyelitis which is a bacterial infection and then due to being in hospital caught MRSA they had to remove a huge chunk of bone.

This was after they put the ceramic plate back in 12mths after the skull removal.

Last week I got some bad news from my step mum saying that she thinks dad has had a stroke and he's in hospital for testing. He lost the use of his whole left side and couldn't remember how to tie his shoes and didn't know hiw to keep up with a conversation.

No joy! It's another brain tumor. A malignant-glioma. It's about the size of a squash ball.. also unfortunately for him because he had a brain tumor in his 20's and prostate cancer in 10years ago he has had 2 full doses of radiation which means with this new tumor no more radiation. Surgery is the only option and then after more testing we will know if he needs chemo.
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