Brian R. Medical Expenses

Feb27th, 2020 Brian had successful carotid body tumor surgery with bypass at ECMC. While it was a complicated surgery, Brian was expected to make a full and complete recovery without any further issues. The pathology results, however, delivered some distressing news – the tumor was found to be malignant and metastatic. Brian then received genetic testing through Roswell and has been diagnosed with Hereditary paraganglioma-pheochromocytoma Syndrome. There is no cure for this syndrome and the treatment consists of keeping Brian as cancer free as possible. Other paragangliomas or pheos may form and will need to be removed. Brian will continue to fight this for the rest of his life.

A recent scan revealed two new tumors in his abdomen – one is on or in his liver and the other is between his pancreas and vena cava. A high risk team has been formed for this surgery to take place on March 6th at Roswell.

Brians medical care has been quite expensive already considering the many co pays for testing, imaging and numerous doctor appointments, let alone Brian’s neck surgery in August. We are hopeful that the Roswell team can effectively remove both tumors. However, if out of network treatment should be needed, such as Cleveland Clinic or Mayo Clinic, the insurance company has not agreed to cover those. This would result in medical expenses exceeding $20,000 for surgery alone. We would like to assist with other necessary medical and travel expenses that would be required. Any funds donated are greatly appreciated and will be used for Brian's future medical and related expenses.

In addition to donations, prayers for strength and healing are always appreciated. Thank you for your support!
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