Keep Kings Pharmacy Open

Due to a dramatic drop in business, we will be forced to furlough half of our employees as early as Monday 4/20/20 if we do not get funding from the Payroll Protection Program. We were depending on the Payroll Protection Program, however Capital One hasn't accepted any applications and we don't know how long from there it will take to get funding.

We are asking for the help of our patients, members of the community, loyal customers, to help us raise funds to keep Kings Pharmacy open. We will be using the funds to pay the salaries of our employees for as long as we can so that they can continue to support the members of their families and be able to come in on a daily basis to serve the community.

We're all going through a difficult time, we wouldn't be asking for help if it wasn't warranted.

Open Letter to Congressman Nadler and Senator Schumer

I am an owner of Kings Tribeca Pharmacy, 5 Hudson Street, New York, NY 10013, an independent pharmacy in the Lower Manhattan Area. Kings Pharmacy has been in business for 22 years, our pharmacy survived the attack on September 11th, Hurricane Sandy, and now we're trying to survive the financial effects of Coronavirus. We are doing our best to stay open during this crisis, however our best is not enough without an infusion of funds from the Payroll Protection Program. So far, we've paid our rent as to satisfy our obligations to our landlord. We've paid our employees their salaries, keeping on all of our employees and only reducing our hours by 2 hours a day. We don't know how much longer we can keep all of our employees employed, we're facing a fight for our lives keeping our pharmacy open and losing money by staying open during the Stay at Home period. We're doing our best in paying our bills but with the mass exodus of patients from the Tribeca area, we're left depending on the Payroll Protection Program. Our bank, Capital One, is not providing us with any information at all at when they are going to accept applications. We've been their customers for over 20 years and we are left in the dark. I call to speak to the branch manager and our questions and concerns go unanswered. We need your help in pushing Capital One to make that available sooner, we don't have months, we have days or weeks before we need to close our doors if we cannot get funding.

We are the only the pharmacy in the area with consistent delivery service and a consistent supply of gloves, masks, disinfectants, that our customers ask for. We are doing our best to keeping their lives as normal as possible, but we need your help in telling Capital One to stop wasting their time in making frivolous commercials and making funds available to their customers like Kings Pharmacy.

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Created Apr 30, 2020 New York, NY


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